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But that's nothing compared to the rage shown by Oklahoma City fans. The most bitter among them even burned Durant jerseys in their backyards. Let's dive in.

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For those fans who believe that the only acceptable NBA champion is any team that's not the Miami Heat, the tempting choice is Oklahoma City. The Thunder have Kevin Durant's superlative set of skills, Russell Westbrook's freakish athleticism, and James Harden's s prospector's beard. They are young and charming, and they seem like the ideal foil for the soulless South Beach superteam.

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Oh man, this lawsuit attempting to force the Sonics to honor their Key Arena lease is gonna be a lot of fun, as city attorneys use the discovery process to reveal the dishonest dealings we all assumed were going on behind the scenes, but our sports-page-hawking editorial boards refused to acknowledge. For example, today the Seattle PI reports on recently uncovered emails between Clay Bennett, his fellow Sonics owners, and NBA Commissioner David Stern, that establish once and for all what an unrepentant bald-faced liar Bennett has always been. I have been passionately committed to our process in Seattle, and have worked my ass off. Will do everything we can.

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We figured it would be a racous basketball crowd. It did turn out to be raucous, but not because of the Thunder. The place was packed, but not with basketball fans.

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If love is something that makes you more than a little crazy, something that makes it impossible to think about the beloved in any kind of objective way, then I guess I love my hometown Seattle sports teams. Still, when the Sonics left Seattle inI felt the bad news settle in my stomach like I had just gotten a call from my mom telling me that my dog had died. The fan consensus is that at least Bennett was trying to do something for his town, while Schultz was just a money-grubbing sellout piece of shit.

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You can watch that dirty play here. The dirty play by Bennett led to a ugly ending to the game, one that nearly finished with a melee involving a Seattle Seahawks player climbing into the stands to fight angry fans. Because Bennett is a left wing social justice warrior and so are most members of the sports media, particularly those living in Seattle.

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It was announced yesterday that the Seattle Supersonics will leave Seattle for Oklahoma City earlier than expected. This is the only professional team to bring a championship to the city, and has a foundation as great as all the primary organizations in the NBA. Gary Payton?

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This whole story is sad on so many different levels. The fact Russell Westbrook did a to honor his slain friend in LA is touching, but by the same token…Russell could dedicate himself to doing this for his coach Billy Donovan or maybe doing it to show how much he appreciates the faith Sam Presti and Clay Bennett have had in him or to do it for Paul George for deciding to stay here in Oklahoma City. Or he could dedicate it to a special area in inner city Oklahoma City.

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Sports arguments compensate for our powerlessness. We will never be permitted on the playing field, court or ice to change the outcome of the game — and even if we were, we'd be toast — so we soothe our nerves by preemptively doubting the efficacy of a play, screaming at it as it happens and second-guessing the whole thing when it's done. Then, because God is unfair, we lose anyway.


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