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Forget books, special diets and particular times of the month. Couples who want a baby should put their energy into having the wild, uninhibited sex of their early days together. The better their quality of love-making, the greater their chances of conception, scientists say.

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Not getting the timing right. Counting day one of your period as day one of your cycle, most women ovulate about 14 days before their next period. If your cycle is very regular you have a good idea when you ovulate.

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Of course you don't want to think you're doing anything wrong when it comes to baby-making, but at least this mistake is fun to fix! But many days of not having sex can throw off conception. So go ahead -- have sex as often as you like, paying special attention to the few days before ovulation.

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While this is only so in a handful of cases, doctors caution, it remains a good reason for future moms and dads to wake up early. There are a number of less tangible reasons why morning sex might help some couples conceive. On a basic level, m ixing up what time you have sex can increase the novelty and make them more likely to try again and again. It helps that most people are more well-rested in the morning than in the evening.

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It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone 12. While infertility is not always treatable, it can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements and other lifestyle strategies. This article lists some of the main lifestyle factors, foods, nutrients and supplements that have been associated with improved fertility in men.

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We've all heard the rumors about sperm—pineapple, hot tubs, ladies who are allergic. But what's the truth? We consulted the experts for the facts:.

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The findings could eventually change recommendations regarding how often to engage in sexual intercourse for couples trying to get pregnant and could also have an impact on how to treat people with autoimmune disorders. Earlier studies have shown changes in immune function during pregnancy and after childbirth and changes in immunity across the menstrual cycle. But the new research, published in the journals Fertility and Sterility and P hysiology and Behaviorsis the first to show that sexual activity plays a role in these changes with clear differences found in immune system regulation in women who are sexually active versus women who are sexually abstinent.

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Have we ever, in the history of humankind, been more confused on what is healthy or not to eat? Eat low fat, nope never mind, eat healthy fats. Avoid eggs, just kidding, they are super healthy. We are not here to talk about food, however, but sex.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Having sex every day improves sperm quality and could boost the chances of getting pregnant, research suggests. In a study of men with fertility problems, daily ejaculation for a week cut the amount of DNA damage seen in sperm samples.

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Back to Sexual health. There are so many stories around sex, it's hard to know what to believe. Yes, pregnancy is possible even if it's the first time you have sex.


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