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Even Haley had more to do in a few episodes, most notably that first two-parter about her marriage. Klaus, on the other hand, has been largely forgotten, occasionally popping up to make fun of Roger or Steve. Many of you in the comments have noticed this as well, and praised it.

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I hate it when you go on these dangerous missions. Honey, it's just a two-day surveillance job. Trust me, I'll be back in time for Valentine's Day, when I'll take you out for a disappointing set-menu dinner at the Macaroni Grill.

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Bullock could be the morally ambigious administraitor of this experiment and have full control over all that happens in it, right down to the non-canon episodes like "Raptures Delight" and every Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. In the virtual world, Real! Stan's life is comprised of

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I know they talked about her in an episode where Francine found out her parents planned to leave everything to Gwen after they die. She thought it was because Gwen is the biological daughter, but it was because Francine had her life together and Gwen was a mess. I can't remember if that was the first time Gwen has been mentioned, though.

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A Short Story and A Tall Tale American Dad: After a few shaky episodes, American Dad is in good shape tonight, something remarkable from the beginning when the show circumventes a full credit sequence in favor of a simple title card. It opens with Roger audition for a play, then moves quickly into a fantastic scene where Roger and Stan try to get one up, including the two most obvious but still funny : the two singing can do anything better than You are doing bad things, and Haley declares that they are just doing because they want to fuck. Your Intro to the Psychology Class, Haley?

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Thread: American Dad! I think it was a little better than the last, just by not having Kloger. Unfortunately, because this is AD!

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Of course a show that has been going on for 13 years is bound to have bad episodes here and there. But, despite that, this doesn't have nearly as many bad episodes as Family Guy. I will admit American Dad has gone downhill in terms of quality and at this point, Family Guy has started to make some good episodes again and American Dad now has gotten more bland and mundane.

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Stan was watching television. Roger was begging and clamoring for attention, playing with penny whistles and hooting and hollering, even going so far as to mimic Francine. Sadly for Roger, all these attempts were to no avail.

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