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A quick kiss means back strain for the tall half of the couple or some impressive jumping skills from the short one. For Sophie Hines, who measures in at just 5ft, the biggest issue with her relationship with a 6ft 7in boyfriend is the harassment she receives online. Miles is so oblivious to it.

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This is not a bad thing—I can easily reach most of the shelves in my apartment and enjoy clomping around like a giant on those occasions when I choose to wear heels—nor does it even feel that tall. Maybe just tall enough that I empathize with the challenge of height differences in dating. So if you are a person who towers over your companion, here are six solutions to make sex a little less awkward.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. The Bejeezus Out of Me.

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I think I'm ok looking but I've noticed average looking shorter girls have tall, more attractive boyfriends. I just don't understand. I'm super outgoing, sporty, but still girly in a way wear makeup, take care of myself but am not the subdued girly girl wallflower type. That's the best way I can describe it.

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Here we go with some nice and sweet women who have no issues dating shorter men. So, if you asked yourself if taller women can date shorter men? The answer is an easy yes.

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FACT: Women find tall men sexy. This isn't a comfortable idea. In this day and age we like to believe that attractiveness is purely personal taste.

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Short women vs. Davi took a year to compare the differences. Last year, I tried a personal experiment: I slept primarily with short girls for 6 months, then I switched to tall girls for the next 6 months.

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By Emma Young. Shorter women are more likely to have long-term relationships with men, and more likely to have children, according to a study of 10, people born in the UK in The average height for a British woman is 1.

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ARE you a short girl who loves a tall guy? Well, you may be in luck. A recent study has claimed that shorter women who couple up with much taller men have the happiest relationships - and it's all down to evolution.

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More often than not, women date men who are taller than them, mainly because females are genetically wired to be shorter than their male counterparts. Of course, there's the occasional couple where the size difference is flipped and a guy who isn't as fortunate in the height department finds love in a taller woman, but that's not as common. Not surprisingly, the reason for this stature-related phenomenon has everything to do with evolution, biology, and psychology.