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He walked down the rainy streets, watching for any sign of danger in the lightning filled skies. Hoping desperately for no one to notice, he moved slowly, and afraid. There was shame and regret in his eyes.

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Sasuke sat in his mother's lap with his feet folded in her lap. Peoples were coming and going after congratulating him on completing sixth year of his age. Most of the clan members were done and most of the Shinobis of Konoha were also there, not everyone but only close people and VIPs and nobles.

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From their debut as two genin ninjas entering Team Seven to the final scene of them overseeing Sarada, Boruto, and Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto The Moviewe have seen these two characters go through many hardships. Since then, the couple has been one of the most popular pairings of all time, even making it onto the 50 of the Most Popular Ships in Fandom Culture infographic. After receiving the advice, Kishimoto created Sasuke by taking ideas from an old manga and anime character named Sasuke Sarutobi.

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We all know that anime is a strange thing. Most of the time, Naruto was pretty safe. But there were quite a few times where it went way too far!

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I do not own any of the characters displayed in this story. When he woke up with a hangover from hell he was already in Konoha. Tsunade decided that Kakashi would be his supervisor who made sure he did not leave again or hurt someone.

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Naruto also referred to as " Ninja Brokeback Mountain " is an animu about sand ninjas and eugenics. It is a gateway anime of the worst kind riddled with one-dimensional characters who lack development, poor pacing, numerous plot holes, shitty villains who "aren't really so bad in the end"an anime saturated in filler arcs, a final arc with a complicated mess of a plot that stretched on for a year, massive abuse of plot armor to cover up shitty writing, and a story of "friendship" which somehow makes Boku No Pico look like Metal Gear Solid in comparison. The story is about a blonde-haired, afro hairstyled, blue-eyedhalf- emoforeigner half-demon ninja teen struggling to be accepted into society by being a whiny faggot who annoys everyone around him, including the viewers.

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Serving as the eponymous protagonist of the series, he is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure. The villagers ridicule Naruto on account of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox —a malevolent creature that attacked Konohagakure—that was sealed away in Naruto's body. Despite this, he aspires to become his village's leader, the Hokage.

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After marrying Fugaku Uchihashe settled down to become a housewife, raising their two sons Itachi and Sasuke. Just before her good friend Kushina Uzumaki gave birth, she met up with her while walking through the streets and introduced Sasuke to her and Biwako Sarutobi. When Biwako noted that they had named him after the Third Hokage 's fatherMikoto explained that it was so that he would grow up to be just as strong a shinobi as his namesake.

Uchiha Mikoto sang a pleasant tune while preparing dinner, taking in the gentle summer breeze that swept through the window. She had returned from the market recently and was very appreciative of the pleasant smiles and genuine beaming faces wherever she walked by. An atmosphere she was truly grateful for considering all the past complications between Konoha and her very own clan.


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