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Some time ago, a friend of mine invited my wife Madison and me to a camping trip. It was something of a big deal; some of his other friends planned the whole thing, and they were expecting a turnout of over eighty people. Each person in that core group invited friends from other circles, who in turn were welcome to invite others.

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Please read part one, Madison gets in Trouble, if you haven't already. The next day: I couldn't believe it, but I felt kind of strange about it. I got dress in the morning.

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A small silence sat between them and Madison just cut it away by dragging back the previous conversation with, "I'm sure your mother nursed you so it's nothing you should be too worried about", and giving a small giggle in the end. Matt lied again and looked at her cleavage as he said, "actually no she did not; kind of wish I could make up for some lost time though. Madison's body was near betraying her as she could feel her nipples harden just slightly below her clothing, which of course was not visible but the sensations that rant though her breasts hinted that her body was willing to share her nectar.

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I would like to thank flim62 for his help on this story. I looked at Madison after she had finished and it was obvious she had, once again, talked herself into an orgasm. She smiled "Every time I think about Victoria, I get all flushed.

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Madison would always come into the coffee shop I worked at a place that starts with "S" and that all pretty white girls love on Thursdays and order the same drink, a grande white-chocolate mocha with a shot of mint flavoring. Every time she came in, I would marvel at her rack, which wasn't all that big but she knew exactly how to make it stand out. She always wore the cutest little shirts that hugged her figure nicely.

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Madison begins sucking on his cock, picking up her pace each time she moved up and down his member. With her mouth engulfing as much of his cock as it could, she reached up and began playing with his balls. The impact of her hand on his balls caused him to let out a slight groan of pleasure.

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It was a good thing Madison picked a Saturday to completely lose control of her desires and make the video and take the pictures that could potentially ruin her. Not that she really chose the day, but it turned out to be a good thing that it happened on that day of the week. After all, once she clicked "send" she more or less paced around her apartment half naked for the rest of the day, going into her bedroom and checking her computer every five minutes to see if anything had come of the things she had sent.

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A third whistled his approval as she walked by, and then she had a thought. The guys agreed to take a couple pictures with her and Madison obliged, under the condition that they would take a couple with her phone as well. There were four of them, and Madison stood in the middle as they snapped pictures of her with the guys, letting them each take a turn behind the camera as she gave them all material to jack off to later. She put her arms around the two next to her, moving their hands to feel the touch of the guys on her bare stomach as they took picture after picture.

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Luis denied each of the men the pleasure he had experienced. What made Madison fearful, however, was that Piper was completely quiet and submissive. Luis was the alpha male; Piper merely a thin, weak white boy.

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This is the slight continuation of "Madison Meets the Janitor" so if you haven't read it, please do first The last bell of the day has just rang. I gathered by books and headed upstairs to Mr.


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