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Despite their differences, what connects them all is their content, which is decidedly adult in nature. They do that by introducing surprisingly well-developed characters, biting political satire or a surreal and wildly anarchic sense of humor. The world's only TV show about anthropomorphic fast food, Aqua Teen Hunger Force follows a trio of roommates: Frylock, a hovering box of French fries; Master Shake, a selfish milkshake; and Meatwad, a simpleton meat ball.

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Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network adult-programming block that has delighted and confused stoners and insomniacs for nearly 15 years, has built a hugely viable brand by producing lots of really weird shit. They love to test the limits of what can be aired on cable TV, from animation to live-action surrealism, from sketch comedy to talk-show parodies. Since the block sprouted in from the original late-night Cartoon Network enterprise, Space Ghost: Coast to Coastit has graced us with such befuddling hits as Aqua Teen Hunger Force ; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law ; Sealab ; and The Brak Showcomprising a late-night-cable juggernaut that has prompted several other networks to experiment with adult toons.

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Hey guys so today I wanted to talk about something that bothers me when it comes to animation and that is adult cartoons now not all adult cartoons are bad every once in a while we get something like rick and morty south Park or bobs burgers. But most of the time we get horrible putrid poorly written animated and unentertaining adult cartoons that are just terrible so today I count down the worst adult cartoons. Now alot of people like this show and that's fine but I dislike it the plot is about the an animated reality show and the characters being based off other characters with a twist like the superhero being stupid or the Disney Princess being racist their supposed to have personalities of their original characters but just abandon them and the characters are just assholes the main reason I put this one on the list is because the show has potential the show has a great concept but the potential here is wasted.

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Below, our list of cartoons with decidedly grown-up sensibilities. Also, they are animals and one sleeps on a trampoline. But that might not be too far off from how you knew them freshman year. Nope, what makes it great and continuously funny is the Seinfeld -ian collection of recurring characters who keep popping in and out of the world the three movie-loving protagonists Brendan, Melissa and Jason inhabit.

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We all know that cartoons can be for kids, adults, or adults who wish they were still kids. Some of these cartoons are racist, some are violent, and some are downright dangerous. Here are ten cartoons that were all pulled from the airwaves or otherwise made unavailable over the years.

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This is a list of adult animated television series including web television series ; that is, animated programs originally targeted towards audiences aged 13 and over in mind. Mature animation is comparatively rare in North America and Europe, as animated series are culturally expected to be created for children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sign in. I have been watching adult cartoons for a few years now and this list is full of the best shows I have seen. I hope it can be of use to you.

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The cartoon is indeed a wonderful thing. Once mostly deemed to be the territory of a kids-only audience, the world of animation has evolved over the years so as to appeal to adults as well as children… or is it just that many adults these days have the minds of children? Don't ask us, for if there's one thing that the IGN editors can claim to be, it's kids trapped in the bodies of adults.

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Jump to navigation. The history of contemporary animated television, like the history of television itself, is one in which the most prominent names are male: Matt Groening, Craig McCrackenStephen HillenburgPendleton Ward. But female animators have been working alongside them as the creators of equally iconic cartoons of the past 50 years.

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Security Windows. While adult cartoons used to be limited to a few specialized networks and channels, the genre has now grown massively and moved into the mainstream. As a result, Netflix has invested in more original animated sitcoms for adults while also snapping up the streaming rights for popular adult cartoons and anime. The problem with having so many adult animated shows on Netflix to choose from, how do you decide what to watch?


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