History of orgasm

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Why do women have orgasms? In a literature review recently published in the Journal of Evolutionary Zoologya pair of developmental evolutionary specialists posit that as the female reproductive system evolved, so did the role of the orgasm. But similar to vestigial organs like tonsils or appendix, the orgasm remained.

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Email address:. Add to that oppressive attitudes towards women enjoying sex, and charting their course through history becomes a murky and somewhat unpleasant ride. French ticklers, a type of condom with extra bumps on the outside, were proof people knew women got pleasure from sex, Hallie explains.

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You might be forgiven for plunging straight into this hot pink tome with unbridled enthusiasm. After all, it promises nothing less than a ride through the development and quirks of that most sought after and occasionally elusive sensation, the genital sneeze. Gratifyingly, it delivers.

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True, copulation is not cheap--it always exacts a toll, spiritual or otherwise, from its participants. But "a waste"? Sex perpetuates the species, and lust--shameful though some human primates choose to make it--is the overnight express to sex.

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In the 21st century the only remaining mystery regarding the female orgasm is how to give her a really good one as you'll know if you read our many articles on the subject. This wasn't always the case. Western cultural attitudes towards women's enjoyment of sex have developed slowly over the last years

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Orgasm is marked by a feeling of sudden and intense pleasure, an abrupt increase in pulse rate and blood pressureand spasms of the pelvic muscles that cause contractions of the lower vagina in the female and contractions of the urethra and ejaculation by the male. Males and females are physiologically capable of experiencing orgasm from infancy, and children who engage in masturbation or sex play may achieve this sensation. Orgasm can occur while a person is asleep and dreaming, as well as from sexual intercourse or masturbation.

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They are often associated with other involuntary actions, including muscular spasms in multiple areas of the body, a general euphoric sensation and, frequently, body movements and vocalizations. Human orgasms usually result from physical sexual stimulation of the penis in males typically accompanying ejaculation and of the clitoris in females. The health effects surrounding the human orgasm are diverse. There are many physiological responses during sexual activity, including a relaxed state created by prolactin, as well as changes in the central nervous system such as a temporary decrease in the metabolic activity of large parts of the cerebral cortex while there is no change or increased metabolic activity in the limbic i.

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The female orgasm has had a rough time of it — but its history has been more varied than you might think. The big O, for women, hasn't actually been shoved under the bed and ignored for all of human history. The female orgasm isn't a unicorn, it's a misunderstood breed of purebred dog: common, frequently feared, occasionally in fashion throughout history, and giving great happiness if well-trained.

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Some theories of psychotherapy assert a link between muscle blocks and disturbances of both character and sexual function. In Functional-Sexological therapy, one focus of treatment is amelioration of voluntary movement. The present study examines the association of general everyday body movement with history of vaginal orgasm. AIM: The objective was to determine if appropriately trained sexologists could infer women's history of vaginal orgasm from observing only their gait.


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