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Octopuses, squids and their cephalopod cousins have haunted the human imagination for centuries. Their long, unfurling arms and temperamental behavior have inspired legends, from the Kraken of Norse mythology to the giant Japanese Akkorokamui that supposedly lurks at the bottom of the ocean, waiting to swallow ships and whales whole. Cephalopods sit apart from other invertebrates because they have evolved with highly complex nervous systems that give their arms a mind of their ownmaking the creatures star attractions at many aquariums.

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Plans to create octopus farms in coastal waters round the world have been denounced by an international group of researchers. They say the move is ethically inexcusable and environmentally dangerous, and have called on private companies, academic institutions and governments to block funding for these ventures. The group, led by Professor Jennifer Jacquet of New York University, argues that octopuses are highly intelligent, curious creatures. Farming them intensively would probably cause large numbers of deaths from stress.

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Scientists have decoded the genome of the octopus and have discovered just how different it is to other intelligent creatures. With its eight tentacles, large eyes and intelligent demeanour, it has been likened to an alien form of life. Now scientists have decoded the genome of the octopus and have discovered just how different it is to other intelligent creatures both on land and sea.

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Accurate predictions in the World Cup brought him worldwide attention as an animal oracle. During divinationsPaul's keepers would present him with two boxes containing food. The boxes were identical except that they were decorated with the different team flags of the competitors in an upcoming football match.

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Finding a human mate is difficult enough. We at least, however, have bars and online dating sites. For the octopusthings can be a little more challenging.

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The octopus is a soft-bodied, eight- limbed mollusc of the order Octopoda. Around species are recognised, and the order is grouped within the class Cephalopoda with squidscuttlefishand nautiloids. Like other cephalopods, the octopus is bilaterally symmetric with two eyes and a beakwith its mouth at the center point of the eight limbs " tentacle " is used as an umbrella term for cephalopod limbs; however, within a teuthological context; "arm" is used to refer to such limbs while "tentacle" is reserved for feeding appendages not found on octopuses.

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A Japanese aquarium put an octopus inside a jar and filmed its underwater effort to get out. The tentacled beastie presses up against the lid before using its suckers to gently rotate the lid and lift it off. Some aquariums use special locks to keep the intelligent cephalopods in their tanks precisely because they are able to open jars like this.