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A new episode about every 28 days averaging 47 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now.

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The Hirogen hijack the USS Voyager and force the crew into deadly holodeck simulations with altered personalities to satiate their desire for creative new ways to hunt prey. Captain Kathryn Janewayaltered to look like a Klingonbattles several other Klingons. A Hirogenalso dressed in Klingon garb, interrupts the battle and stabs her.

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Creatively, we needed something. A Star Trek series, in my opinion, is only as good as its captain, and Captain Janeway was a great captain, but she didn't have her Spock or Data, really. We just didn't have that special science-fiction character like Spock or Data, the striving-to-be-human character.

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Celebrity Story: Resistance is Futile. This is a mixture of pure fantasy fiction and much fact mixed in. After making enough money to retire very prematurely, I bought a place on St.

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Posted on Sunday, July 21st, by Vanessa Armstrong. Read on to hear more about their discussion. Rodman kicked off the panel by asking the group to talk about their role models, which ranged from older sisters Smulders to a science-teaching nun Agyeman to their moms Agyeman, Gilpin, and Ryan.

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I wrote this for The Bilerico Project back inbut being amazed at vintage butt-slapping never goes out of style. I was brought up on The Next Generation and Deep Space 9with their expansive universes and decent graphics departments, so watching The Original Series is a lot of campy fun. Duh duh duuuuuhhhhhh… ever since, so he needs to learn how to interact with other humans.

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We'd like to start this off by thanking Star Trek: Voyager for not giving us a reason to put it on this list. With Captain Janeway, Chief Engineer Torres, and Seven of Nine on the ship, we don't have much to call out - okay, Seven of Nine's outfit was problematic, but she transcended it. Jaylah from Star Trek Beyond gets a shout-out too, for being such a kick-ass character.

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A Federation starship which is definitely not Voyager has lots of energy playing over its shields. The bridge is a mess, with consoles exploding regularly. They're breaking through.

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In some ways, the entire trailer scans like fan fiction, which, in a sense, it is. Where am I going with this painting analogy? Maybe, but I think the only way to really get into the trailer is to think of it like a great painting that works on several levels.


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